There is no shortcut to overnight success.

Every entrepreneur has some interesting story behind their business —that’s what this podcast, The Longcut is all about.

We’re going to share stories, mistakes,  successes, losses, and wins that entrepreneurs have had before they burst onto the scene as a seemingly overnight success.

This is the story of years of preparation the founder or entrepreneur has gone through before starting the company that you look at as their overnight success. It’s the story of the other jobs they did, the manure they shoveled or the water they carried and all of the learning they’ve had along along the way in the process.

Many entrepreneurs appear to have “made it” overnight, but as we’ll see, this couldn’t been further from the truth. What you don’t typically hear about is all the hard work – what it took to successfully create, launch, and grow an Internet-based business.

I’ve been developing software products for more than 14 years. I launched my first SaaS company in 2008, and sold it in 2015. Now, I’m on a mission to help other innovators have their moment of overnight success. I think it takes more than hard work, it takes a level of curiosity of how things work and how we can make things better using technology. Sir Arthur C. Clarke said, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  On this show, we’re gonna talk about how to make that magic happen by understanding the business behind building a business, and by telling the story of the longcut—the years of hard work that preceded the moment of magic.

I’ll be talking to people who have built their own businesses, sometimes without venture capital. These people are founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, they’re self motivated – they aren’t waiting for other people to make jobs for them—they are creating the jobs themselves.

I want to inspire entrepreneurs to stick with it. To play the long game. To swallow your fears, and launch something. On the show we’ll dig into mindset, tactics, and strategies that make startup founders successful. We’ll talk about how to validate an idea, how to develop a problem-solution fit and product-market fit, how to build an MVP, how to get that first customer, and how to scale the business.

We’ll explore questions like, what were the things that made these business successful? How did they get their first customers? How did they generate money without going through Silicon Valley? Where did their idea come from? What sacrifices did they have to make to bring their business to life?

And I’ll challenge you – my listener. Are you willing to make similar choices to be successful? Where are you in your entrepreneurial journey? And ultimately, who do you need to have around you to help you?

I want to hear from you. Email me at ryan@the long cut dot fm.

Join me every Tuesday to hear kick-ass interviews on how to build a business, from finding customers to deciding what to build based on the problem you’re solving.

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  1. Congrats on the launch, Ryan! I’m looking forward to hearing more stories of the long game behind successful businesses, what worked, what didn’t.

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