On today’s episode I caught up with Kevin Koym, who is the founder and CEO of TechRanch, a venture accelerator for early-stage startups.

What to look for in a venture accelerator. Much of the value in the top-tier programs—the most famous and sought-after accelerators like Y-Combinator and TechStars—has to do with the halo effect. You’ll have contact and mentorship opportunities with people who can really help move your business forward. Second-tier programs can also offer a lot of value in the community. Beware of programs whose primary emphasis is on the mechanics and structure of the business process.

Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned. The post-industrial economy is here. Many corporate jobs are migrating to outsourced skilled labor. This is going to necessitate the learning of very diverse skillsets by self-employed people and entrepreneurs who are working increasingly in a decentralized and meshed economic environment.

Entrepreneurs have to be prepared to go deeper with their own work. The best entrepreneurs in the world are the ones who have gotten in contact with this. 

Everyone wants to act like they got there successfully and it looked all pretty and picturesque, but that’s not true. 

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